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Friday, January 1 2021

Need a copy of your notes?

write-593333_640.jpg, Jan 2021

Today, small shops and service points located in the right places have a real raison d'être. Considering the fact that they are located in quite specific places, we can count on the fact that they will bring profits. It should be remembered that the most profitable place is always a place that is independent in the area and has no competition. Following this lead, a photocopying machine in Katowice can be a solution to a small business. Although the copy shop is not so important today, some of us have printers, scanners and copiers at home and in our businesses, but that's not the point. Other services should also be at this point. E.g. an opportunity to purchase stationery and other items that allow you to equip your company.

So in such a place there may be all kinds of stationery, a photographic point where we can take a photo for our proof in a special machine, and other such ordinary services. Thanks to such services, the photocopying machine in Chorzów will be able to reach a much larger number of recipients, and thus will have the opportunity to promote itself much better and improve its position on the market. The wider the services we introduce at such a point, the more likely it is that Katowice prints will become popular.

Unfortunately, we will also have to bear the initial costs of getting it all set up, buying equipment and so on, and this can really cost us a lot. Machines and equipment are expensive, rent of premises and salaries of employees are the same.

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