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Tuesday, January 5 2021

An integration trip on four wheels

luggage-4813101_640.jpg, Jan 2021

If you prefer to completely spoil the incentive trip, it will not be easy, just stick to a few very serious steps and you will manage to create everything with great precision. Mostly you have to be late for such a trip, let everyone wait for you an hour, and most of all it is 2. Do not stop to convince them that these unusual attractions are something for you, you are waiting for them and they should not move without you .

Once you've joined the crew, play a Gregorian chant or a religious song on the bus. You then have the assurance that the entire away atmosphere will blow up like a soap bubble. Then find out where the event agency keeps the intention of the event and steal it so that they are left with nothing. If they improvise, the fun will be even more fun. In the next step, get sick after the first course and scare everyone not to eat it, because you already feel the liver in your throat. When you go on snowmobile expeditions, simulate that you have encountered zombies in the forest and make such a mess that the expedition ends quickly. In the evening, replace all the vodka with a tonic and pretend that you got drunk with such a mixture as a priority.

At night, on the other hand, organize a tour of the full hotel and conduct a survey among participants, asking how they like the trip. We assure you that if you stick to the action plan, the second day of this trip will not be there anymore. Everyone will quit and you will happily go home. This is a shortcut to how to quickly spoil any escapade.

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