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Tuesday, January 5 2021

Why do you need to wash carpets often?

vacuum-cleaner-268179_640.jpg, Jan 2021

In the vast majority of cases, our homes are still carpets. Admittedly, the new ones made of antistatic fibers are not that bad because they don't pick up dust, but the older technology is much worse. The carpet is absolutely safe, ie H. 100% safe, the most problematic material to keep clean. That is why in Warsaw I always take carpet washing as seriously as possible. Why so? The answer is a very simple service.

Most of the time the carpet is a hotbed of dirt, dust and bacteria. We think we have a sterile, clean home, but in fact my carpet company won't do it right now. Allergy sufferers especially suffer from carpets, which deal with dust and mites on a daily basis. This can lead to renewed allergies, respiratory problems, and skin problems. Therefore, we should take this into account. Washing carpets in Łódź is necessary to maintain complete sterility when we have small children. In many cases, the baby plays on the floor, and parents buy a rug to keep it soft and warm. If he falls on such a rug, he will not be so hurt, and the cold floor will not cause him any discomfort.

Unfortunately, all the time the child will be touching the carpet and putting his hands in his mouth. Carpet washing Warsaw makes the rug as safe as possible, and the toddler can play on it. Such washing with a small child should take place literally every 2 months.

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