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The school year will begin again soon. Therefore, children should mentally prepare for this time, and parents should think about equipment for personalized children.


Without a doubt, buying everything you need, such as a Cool Backpack or Milanese Crayons, is not a cheap expense. It should be noted that when a child first enters school, parents must consider a double effort. On the one hand, you need all the necessary things, such as Plasticine Astra, and on the other hand, you have to pay all fees, such as: B. contributions to the parents' council or fundraising for classes. As a result, most parents' school year is primarily a year of spending time.

Through the eyes of a child

This is the time for a child to make new friends and become a student. It is not only a challenge for him, it is also a pleasure. In schools, your child is more likely to know the part of the class that I will be working on for the next six years of individual school education. Therefore, children are often eagerly awaiting the time when they have constant contact with their peers from the personalized class. For them it is certainly a time of intense education, but also a time of joy. School, because in the first grade, school is not associated with something tiring, which requires constant work. For children, it is a place where they can be themselves and, above all, gain new education and qualifications that they simply need at this stage of life.

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